GLPK Version Specific Notes

When building PyGLPK, certain functions will be disabled depending on what version of GLPK the build process believes it is using. Below is a list of GLPK versions, and descriptions of what functionality will not work in earlier versions. (Or, in some cases, later versions.)

The examples may use a hypothetical glpk.LPX instance named lp for illustrative purposes.

GLPK 4.39

GLPK 4.38

GLPK 4.37 and higher

GLPK 4.33

GLPK 4.31

GLPK 4.23

GLPK 4.23

GLPK 4.21

GLPK 4.20

GLPK 4.19

Thomas Finley, 2007, 2008