PyGraphcut Readme

Copyright © 2007, Thomas W. Finley


PyGraphcut is a Python module which encapsulates the functionality of the MAXFLOW graphcut code of Boykov and Kolmogorov. This encapsulated code allows one to specify graph cut maxflow/mincut problems, and the related quadratic pseudo-Boolean optimization problems, and PyGraphcut provides a convenient Python interface atop that.

This software is licensed under the exact same terms as MAXFLOW, which typically means usage is restricted for research only. See the HTML documents on licensing for more precise information.


To get the lastest version, see:


The HTML documentation included with the release in the directory html contains information on building, testing, installation and documentation of all features of the module.

Building and Installing

The module builds and appears to work on my simple test files in Python 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5. Earlier versions of Python will not work.

Ideally, the following will work in creating a graphcut module importable from Python:

See the HTML documentation on building for trouble shooting information.

Bugs and Commentary

Please send information on issues of usage to Thomas Finley at .

Thomas Finley, 2007