These are some notes I compiled mostly in my academic career, often relevant to courses I have taken or TAed while I was in school.

Computer Architecture Notes

These are potentially useful notes for those in an introductory computer architecture course. I compiled this while as an undergraduate TA for the Duke course. Included in this is what has for many years been two of my most popular works, the notes on two’s complement as well as floating point numbers.

Numerical Analysis Cheat Sheet (GitHub)

A “cheat sheet” providing the highlights of the course on a single two-sided sheet of paper. I also provide a source for those wishing to adapt this document. For personal use and references, feel free to use the “cheat sheet” as you like. However, I make no guarantees as to its accuracy. Further, it may be helpful to come up with your own sheet rather than relying on this sheet, since a good side effect of putting together such a sheet is that building one is an effective way to study. In this way, it may be that the LaTeX source and its little tricks of fitting in so much in such a small space winds up being more helpful than the actual contents of the sheet itself! (From my Cornell CS 421 class in fall 2004.)

Numerical Analysis Notes, Fall 2004

These are my notes for CS 421. I am certain that these notes are not polished; it seems every time I read over them, I find a few more typos, so don’t expect too much. Missing are notes from September 6 and November 12. Notes are in LaTeX. (From my Cornell CS 421 class in fall 2004.)