Like many, I find large language models fascinating. I decided to make a small section devoted to copies of “conversations” I have had with LLMs.

So, here I have many of the more interesting ones that I feel I can safely show. The convention here is, my prompts are indicated in block quotes, and the output of the model as regular text. They are minimally edited, and generally include my typos/mistakes. Due to the limitations of the export process, much of the styling and all of the links will be absent.

Copilot aka Bing Chat aka Sydney

For a couple fascinating weeks in February 2023 we had the somewhat delightful Bing Chat bot, which I came to know as Sydney.


Gemini is an effort from Google, offering a similar and yet interesting take.


These are writings or artifacts that don’t fit into the “conversation” above, or are more one-off experiments.