I am just beginning my Gemini adventures. To be clear, this is Gemini, not Gemini advanced. I’m so far impressed with the quality of writing, and the ability to re-write the last prompt. The latter especially solves many practical problems that could only be solved, in other systems, with a complete restart.

  • Nemo and Holmes, Gemini Edition

    One of the first “silly” things I did with Gemini was write collaboratively using my fairly typical plot, this being the Sherlock Holmes/Captain Nemo crossover story. This actually went pretty well. A few anachronisms here and there – most odd of which the needless introduction of a holographic map – but overall it went better than I’d expected.

  • The Kestrel, a Minmatar Exploration Frigate (Apparently)

    Here I ask Gemini for some entry-level EVE Online advice about exploration ships and fits. This is a bit of a niche conversation, as it would be meaningless to anyone that isn’t familiar with the game. But if you do know a thing or two about the game, this is hilarious.

  • Bob & The Golden Falcon: A Mystery

    Here we have another “replay” I had done with Copilot, except this time in Gemini. Though my sample size is limited, the superiority of Gemini’s collaborative story telling is clear. It doesn’t freak out, it doesn’t need to be tricked into writing a simple story by prompt injection, it just writes with me, and very well.